Why I Am Not an American

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Why I Am Not an American

By: Malcolm X

This booklet is an attempt of Other Books to introduce the legendary figure Malcolm X to the readers interested in the issue of social justice. In the speech presented here, which was given at the university of Ghana in 1964, Malcolm is the “child of Africa” who has returned, and his return brings a multiple message of solidarity in the cause of liberation, a warning for African nations to avoid slipping under the spell of American “Dollarism” and a request for support in his effort to bring the united states before the UN on charges of human rights abuses.

Product Description

  • BookWhy I Am Not an American
  • AuthorMalcolm X
  • CategoryBiography
  • Publishing Date1970-01-01
  • ISBN
  • Binding
  • LanguangeEnglish
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