The Call Of Abraham

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The Call Of Abraham

By: Ahmed Muhammedi

Ahmad Muhammadi takes the readers progressively to a point from where they get a much broader and wider perspective of history and society. They are drawn closer to Abraham the fountain head of spirituality, mysticism, courage, persistence, love, sacrifice, rebelliousness and more than anything else the father of civilization. This work attains significance owing to two reasons. Firstly, the author reminds the fellow travellers to set eyes on the prophets through Abrahamic prism. Secondly, his intense passionate love for Prophet Abraham is for the whole of human race, indeed, cutting across ethnicity, race, caste and nation. This profound love as it spills over leaves a myriad of wonderful colours all along this work.

Product Description

  • BookThe Call Of Abraham
  • AuthorAhmed Muhammedi
  • CategoryIslamic Studies
  • Publishing Date1970-01-01
  • ISBN
  • Binding
  • LanguangeEnglish
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