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Sahodaran Ayyappan

By: Dr.Ajay Sekhar

Sahodaran Ayyappan is making a comeback in the public sphere of Kerala through debates, radical re-reading and innovative explorations. This happens at a time when the excluded and marginalised sections of the society such as women, Dalits and other contested groups are actively intervening in the cultural politics and producing representatives. This book explores the pluralistic and dialogic legacies of Sahodaran and questions the realities of the multi-faceted intellectual through a critical re-reading of his life and works.

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  • BookSahodaran Ayyappan
  • AuthorDr.Ajay Sekhar
  • CategoryCommon Subjects
  • Publishing Date1970-01-01
  • ISBN
  • Binding
  • LanguangeEnglish
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