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9/11 The Pretext

By: N M Hussain

The book ‘9/11 The Pretext’ by N M Hussain is a beginner’s alternative version about 9/11. The author is an investigative journalist, hence this book is a piece of creative investigation which raises many brutally honest facts about the loopholes and shortcomings of the official version about 9/11. Overall the book is a must read for anyone who wants to know the real facts behind the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath. The book is a testimony to the same, but the appendices which contain a summary and review of scores of books on alternative version of 9/11 as well as numerous resourceful websites dealing with 9/11, add to the academic quality of the book. The author as well as its publishers deserve our appreciation for bringing out such a hard hitting and brutal work, full of facts and truths.

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  • Book9/11 The Pretext
  • AuthorN M Hussain
  • CategoryCommon Subjects
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  • LanguangeEnglish
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