Islam Between East and West

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Islam Between East and West

By: Alija Izet Begovic

Examining the historical conflicts between “faith” and “materialism”, the author presents the “bipolarity” of Islam, bringing us close to the only three possible worldviews: religious, materialistic and Islamic. He presents Islam as a method, not as a ready-made solution. In his nearly existential view, Islam is not something given, but a “Third Way” that has to be discovered for oneself; as it integrates both the religious and the materialistic and thus being the target of attack from “religion” as well as materialistic ideologies. Destoyvsky, Herman Hesse, Van Gogh, St Augestine, Kant, Nietszhe, Dante et al… All titans of Continental literature, art and thought join Izetbegovic in his take on two dominant aspects of human life: culture and civilisation.

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  • BookIslam Between East and West
  • AuthorAlija Izet Begovic
  • CategoryIslamic Studies
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  • LanguangeEnglish
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