Umer Qazi of Veliyancode

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Umer Qazi of Veliyancode

By: Dr. P Sajkeer Hussain

A study on the distinguished life and literary works of Umer Qazi of Veliyancode , a unique revolutionary and talented poet who provided a clear direction to the anti-colonial struggles and played a vital role in the resurgence of Muslim society in Malabar in the 19th century . Relevant chapters of this book deal with the religio-political activism of the protogonist and analyse his important verses on different themes.Through these information and instances, the author throws a flood of light on a legendary figure who has been neglected and sidelined in the present historical discourse.

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  • BookUmer Qazi of Veliyancode
  • AuthorDr. P Sajkeer Hussain
  • CategoryKerala History
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  • LanguangeEnglish
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